Mixed Chocolate Collection | 32 Bites


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AED 100.00 / Box

This elegant box contains a selection of 32 of ChoCo’a’s Exclusive flavors. Packaging as well offers a unique presentation of the chocolates and is ideal for gifting. 

Flavors :

  • Caramel  Collection: Vanilla Caramel, Chewy caramel, Dark Chocolate caramel, Almond Florentine
  • Fruit Collection : Green Tea, Raisins, Fruit Cocktail, Orange Aroma
  • Nut Collection : Crispy Hazelnut Cinnamon, Mixed nuts, Almond Praline, Almond Truffles
  • Oriental Collection : Espresso Shot, Rose flavored caramel, Halawi, Thyme candied Cashew
Approximate Weight / Pc: 415 Gms
Packaging: Chocolate Box
UOM: Box