We strive to answer all of the questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact us for any other question that you may have.

Q. When did ChoCo’a open its doors?

A. ChoCo’a was established in October 2004 in Dubai – UAE.

Q. Is ChoCo’a only a retailer?

A. ChoCo’a is a manufacturer and retailer. We bring all of our raw ingredients from Belgium and France, and all the recipes and final products are prepared in our factory.

Q. How is the factory divided?

A. We have a chocolate department where chocolates are either moulded or enrobed, using state-of-the-art machinery:

  • Chocolate melting machine
  • Chocolate enrobing machine
  • Chocolate moulding machine
  • Chocolate cooling machine

In the chocolate wrapping department, depending on the order and type of chocolate, all of the chocolates are individually hand-wrapped or wrapped with the help of a wrapping machine that wraps the chocolate at a speed of 60 pcs/minute.
Our cake and pastry department is where all the cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes and other items are prepared and baked.
Our specialty cake department is where all the cake, cookie, cupcake and marshmallow decoration takes place. It is the area where all artistic creations come to life.

Q. What chocolate couverture do our chefs use in ChoCo’a’s products?
A. ChoCo’a uses the finest Belgian Chocolate couverture for all milk, dark and white chocolates.

Q. When do the chocolate products expire?
A. Chocolate has a shelf life of 6 -12 months. However, the product quality depends on the storage conditions. When stored below 18 degrees, and at a relative humidity of 40%, the shelf life of the products will be extended. The fact that all the chocolates are individually wrapped allows for a better conservation of the product.

Q. Are any additives in ChoCo’a products?
A. Vanillin and Soya Lecithin are additives. Soya Lecithin is a natural additive that gives chocolate its richness and viscosity. Due to its very minimal usage, it is perfectly safe. The same goes for Vanillin.

Q. What are some possible allergens?
A. Very few people are allergic to chocolate as a true cocoa allergy is rare. Negative reactions will occur as a result of an intolerance or allergy to an ingredient in chocolate such as nuts, soya bean or milk (if lactose intolerant).

Q. Does ChoCo’a have any food safety certification?
A. ChoCo’a has adopted the internationally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), a preventive approach to food safety. The company received the certification from the British Standard Institution (BSI) in 2005.

Q. Where can I find a ChoCo’a outlet?
A. We have one outlets in Dubai: behind the Mall of the Emirates. Refer to “Contact us” for a detailed location of our boutiques.

Q. I would like to order a special cake for my daughter’s birthday but I need guidance; how do I proceed?
A. You can call or pass by the boutique and let them know about your exact requirements. They will note every last detail and that information will be passed to the Specialty cake department.

Q. I have a special order for a cake; who do I call?
A. You can call the boutique and let them know about all your specifications; they will pass all of the very precise information to the Specialty cake department.

Q. I need to place an order for 20 large arrangements with different trays, baskets, chocolate pieces, wrapping paper and ribbons. Can ChoCo’a help?
A. We have extremely experienced designers who will guide and advise you on the design of your arrangements. Most of ChoCo’a’s gifts, accessories and ribbons are imported from Europe, mainly Italy.

Q. I just had a baby, and need a substantial quantity of baby favors; can ChoCo’a help?
A. ChoCo’a specializes in baby favors. We have very experienced designers that handle such requests and will help you decide on the design that you want.

Q. I cannot pick up my order (cakes, arrangements etc.) from the boutique. Can ChoCo’a deliver?
A. ChoCo’a has its own chillers and vans to handle all of our customers’ order. They will deliver all over the UAE.

Q. Does the factory cater only for the boutiques?
A. No. As ChoCo’a has quite a large corporate sales department, ChoCo’a supplies some of the UAE’s most prestigious companies, along with major hotels and airline companies.

Q. My company would like to order a substantial quantity of branded boxes with chocolate to offer to our clients; can ChoCo’a help?
A. Absolutely. ChoCo’a has a corporate sales department. You can contact the office, and they will transfer you to the Sales department.

Q. We have a chocolate shop in “x” country, and we would like ChoCo’a to produce a line of chocolate under our brand. Is that possible?
A. Absolutely. Private Labeling is another of ChoCo’a’s sector. We have an entire line of chocolate dedicated to private labeling.  You can contact our offices and we will discuss the different possibilities.

Q. How is the chocolate shipped to other countries?
A. Since chocolate is considered a “perishable” product, the products will be properly packaged, and shipped by airfreight, if the quantity is not too large. This reduces the time of delay and ensures that the products are maintained at the required temperature during the shipment, and at the time of storage at the port.