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Six Surprising Health advantages of Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are sweet, starchy root veggies that’re developed internationally (1Trusted Source).

They are available in an assortment of colors and sizes – such as orange, cream, and purple – and therefore are full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber.

Never to mention, they offer a selection of health advantages and therefore are not hard to add to the diet of yours.

Listed here are six surprising health advantages of sweet potatoes.

  1. Highly Nutritious

Sweet potatoes are a terrific source of fibre, minerals, and vitamins.

A glass (200 grams) of baked sweet potato with skin provides (2Trusted Source):

Calories: 180 Carbs: 41.4 grams

Protein: four grams Fat: 0.3 grams

Fiber: 6.6 grams

Vitamin A: 769 % of the Daily Value (DV)

Vitamin C: sixty five % of the DV

Manganese: fifty % of the DV

Vitamin B6: twenty nine % of the DV

Potassium: twenty seven % of the DV

Pantothenic acid: eighteen % of the DV

Copper: sixteen % of the DV

Niacin: fifteen % of the DV Additionally, sweet potatoes – particularly purple varieties as well as the yellow – are full of antioxidants which protect the body of yours out of free radical groups (3Trusted Source, 4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).

Totally free radicals are unstable molecules which could harm DNA as well as trigger inflammation.

Free radical damage continues to be connected to chronic ailments as cancer, aging, and heart disorders. Thus, consuming antioxidant rich foods is great for the overall health of yours (6Trusted Source, 7Trusted Source).


Sweet potatoes are starchy root veggies which are loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They are additionally loaded with antioxidants which protect the body of yours from free radical damage as well as disease that is chronic.

  1. Promote Gut Health

The antioxidants and fiber in potatoes that are sweet are beneficial to gut health.

Sweet potatoes have 2 fiber types: insoluble and soluble (8Trusted Source).

The body can’t of yours digest either type. Thus, fiber stays within the digestive system of yours and provides a multitude of gut-related health advantages.

Certain kinds of soluble fiber – referred to as viscous fibers – soak up water and soften the stool of yours. On the flip side, non viscous, insoluble fibers do not absorb water and include bulk (9Trusted Source).

Some insoluble and soluble fibers may additionally be fermented by the bacteria in the colon of yours, building compounds known as short chain fatty acids which fuel the cells of the intestinal lining of yours and have them strong and healthy (10Trusted Source, 11Trusted Source).

Fiber-rich diet programs that contain 20 33 grams each day are actually connected to a reduced risk of cancer of the colon and much more regular bowel movements (12Trusted Source, 13Trusted Source, 14Trusted Source).

The antioxidants in potatoes that are sweet may offer gut benefits also.

Test-tube research has discovered that antioxidants in purple sweet potatoes promote the development of good gut bacteria, including some Bifidobacterium as well as Lactobacillus species (15Trusted Source, 16Trusted Source).

Higher quantities of these sorts of bacteria inside the intestines are connected with much better gut health and a reduced risk of problems including irritable bowel syndrome (Infectious diarrhea and ibs) (17Trusted Source, 18Trusted Source, 19Trusted Source).


Sweet potatoes have fiber along with antioxidants which give the development of great gut bacteria and also add to a healthy gut.

  1. Could have Cancer Fighting Properties

Sweet potatoes offer different antioxidants, which might help protect against specific types of cancers.

Anthocyanins – a team of antioxidants present in purple sweet potatoes – are discovered to impede the development of some kinds of cancer cells in test tube scientific studies, like those of the bladder, colon, stomach, and breast (3Trusted Source, 20Trusted Source, 21Trusted Source).

Likewise, mice fed diets high in purple sweet potatoes showed reduced rates of early stage cancer of the colon – hinting the anthocyanins in the potatoes could have a defensive effect (3Trusted Source, 22Trusted Source).

Extracts of orange sweet potatoes and sweet potato peels have been discovered to have anti cancer properties in test tube studies (23Trusted Source, 24Trusted Source).

Nevertheless, scientific studies have yet to check these consequences in people.


Animal and test tube research suggests that other antioxidants and the anthocyanins present in potatoes that are sweet may protect against specific cancers. Nevertheless, human studies are required.

  1. Support Healthy Vision

Sweet potatoes are really full of beta-carotene, the antioxidant to blame for the vegetable’s brilliant orange color.

In reality, one cup (200 grams) of baked orange sweet potato with skin offers over 7 times the quantity of beta carotene that the typical adult needs each day (2Trusted Source).

Beta-carotene is switched into to vitamin A in the body of yours and utilized to develop light detecting receptors within the eyes of yours (25Trusted Source, 26Trusted Source).

Severe vitamin A deficiency is an issue in developing nations allowing it to result in a unique kind of blindness recognized as xerophthalmia. Consuming foods full of beta carotene, like orange fleshed sweet potatoes, might help avoid the problem (27Trusted Source).

Purple sweet potatoes additionally appear to have vision benefits.

Test-tube research has discovered the anthocyanins they supply could safeguard eye cells from damage, that might be substantial to total eye health (28Trusted Source).


Sweet potatoes are loaded with anthocyanins and beta-carotene, antioxidants which could help prevent vision loss and boost eye health.

  1. May Enhance Brain Function

Consuming purple sweet potatoes might improve mind function.

Animal research has discovered the anthocyanins in purple sweet potatoes are able to guard the brain by decreasing inflammation and also stopping free radical damage (29Trusted Source, 30Trusted Source, 31Trusted Source).

Supplementing with anthocyanin rich sweet potato extract continues to be found to enhance memory as well as learning of mice, potentially because of its antioxidant qualities (32Trusted Source, 33Trusted Source).

No experiments are done testing these consequences in people, but generally, diets full of fresh fruits, veggies, along with antioxidants are related to a thirteen % lower risk of emotional decline as well as dementia (34Trusted Source, 35Trusted Source).


Animal studies have revealed that sweet potatoes might boost brain health by decreasing inflammation and preventing emotional decline. Nevertheless, it remains unknown if they’ve the exact same effects in humans.

  1. May Support Your Immune System

Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are among the richest natural sources of beta carotene, a plant based compound which is changed to vitamin A in the body of yours (36Trusted Source).

Vitamin A is important to a proper immune system, along with decreased blood amounts are already associated with lowered immunity (37Trusted Source, 38Trusted Source).

It is also crucial for keeping healthy mucous membranes, particularly in the lining of the gut of yours.

The gut is when the body of yours is subjected to several potential disease-causing pathogens. Thus, a good gut is a crucial part associated with a healthy immune system.

Scientific studies show that vitamin A deficiency increases gut inflammation and lessens the capability of your body’s immune system to react effectively to possible risks (39Trusted Source).

No experiments are performed to find out if sweet potatoes, particularly, have an impact on immunity, but consuming them routinely will help avoid vitamin A deficiency (40Trusted Source).


Sweet potatoes are a great supply of beta carotene, which may be changed to vitamin A and help support the body’s immune system of yours as well as gut health.

The best way to Add Them to the diet of yours Sweet potatoes can be simple to add to your diet plan.

They may be enjoyed with or perhaps without the skin and could be baked, steamed, fried, roasted, boiled, or pan cooked.

Their natural sweetness pairs nicely with numerous various seasonings, plus they could be appreciated in each sweet and savory dishes.

A few common methods to have sweet potatoes include:

Sweetly flavored potato chips: Peeled, thinly sliced, and fried or baked.

Sweet potato fries: Peeled, slice into matchsticks or wedges, along with fried or baked.

Sweetly flavored potato toast: Cut into small slices, toasted, plus topped with ingredients as nut butter or perhaps avocado.

Mashed sweet potatoes: Peeled, boiled, and mashed with seasoning and milk.

Baked sweet potatoes: Baked whole in the oven until fork tender.

Sweet potato hash: cooked, diced, and Peeled with onion in a pan.

Spiralized sweetly flavored potatoes: Cut to spirals, sauteed, and sauced.

In goods that are baked: Sweet potato puree provides moisture with no fat.

Cooking sweet potatoes with a bit of extra fat – including avocado, olive oil, or coconut oil – will help increase the absorption of beta carotene since it is a fat soluble nutrient (41Trusted Source, 42Trusted Source).

Even though baking sweet potatoes somewhat lowers the beta carotene material of theirs, they continue to remember no less than seventy % of this particular substance and are regarded as a great resource (43Trusted Source, 44Trusted Source).


Sweet potatoes are a flexible root plant which may be ready in ways that are many.

The Bottom Line

Sweet potatoes are nutrient dense root vegetables that are available in an assortment of colors.

They are loaded with antioxidants and fiber , and that protect the body of yours out of free radical damage and market a proper mind and gut.

They are also incredibly full of beta-carotene, which happens to be converted to vitamin A to allow for very good vision and the body’s immune system of yours.

Sweet potatoes are flexible and could be made in both savory and sweet dishes, which makes them an outstanding carb option for most individuals.

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