Biscuit Recipe Without Oven

In India, it’s not typical to have an oven in your own home, that’s the main reason I posted cake contained stress cooker long time back. From that time, I got queries like – can be bake milk chocolate cake in cooker, could we make carrot cake for cooker, could we make cakes in cooker, could we bake treats etc. That’s the main reason I kept the name as Cookies in Cooker which means, you are able to bake some cookies in cooker following the strategy provided below. (also cakes with egg, eggless cakes). I got great deal of demand asking me to publish the way to bake/make cakes in cooker. These days we are going to

Preparing the cooker for cooking cookies

Have a pressure cooker or maybe some heavy bottomed pan, spread a level of salt or sand (aproximatelly one inch) in the cooker.

Then continue some stand or maybe perforated plate and that will come together with the cooker. I kept 2 such plates to increase the level.

Pre temperature the cooker (or some heavy bottomed pan) with all the sand/salt on flame that is high for ten minutes.

Take melted ghee inside a bowl:

fill up with powdered sugar or organic and natural powdered jaggery, vanilla heart as well as salt. Blend well.
biscuits-cookies in pressure cooker

Include wheat flour and mix very well to develop a dough. You don’t need to knead the dough. Keep it covered within the fridge for ten minutes.
cookie dough

Divide the dough likewise, type toes and flatten it.

You are able to have a look and have a fork, subsequent to flattening it as I’ve done.

Grease an aluminium cooker pot or maybe any aluminium tin, place the cakes on it making sufficient room between the cookies.Next place the packaging in the cooker (or serious bottomed pan) with tongs as the cooker/pan will be really warm.
how you can make cookies without oven

Reduce the high temperature to very low :

and near the cooker with no gasket and weight/whistle. In case you’re making use of heavy bottomed pan, deal with the pan with a lid
cookies in cooker

Bake for fifteen minutes or perhaps until the cookies:biscuits begins to brown near the tips. After the bottom begins browning, switch off the cooker and allow the cakes be within the cooker for five minutes. It had taken twenty minutes for me. The timings will differ based on the dimensions of the cooker, the quantity of heat etc.

Then eliminate the cookies carefully and place it on a cable rack to cool entirely. The biscuits are going to be gentle but the moment it cools it’ll be crisp.

Once it cools, you are able to keep it in an airtight jar.

Note – You are able to work with the very same sand and salt again and again for cooking in cooker.

Use an old cooker as cooking in cooker frequently, is going to damage the cooker.

You are able to bake some cakes, cakes, treats following the above way.
You are able to put coarsely powdered nuts on the cookie dough. I baked two batches – single plain batch along with other with cashew nuts, each in pressure cooker following the above way.
Do monitor the cookies after ten mins of cooking.

Check the Cake of mine in Pressure cooker or perhaps just click the image below to help you move to that particular page. (you are able to bake some cakes, whether it is chocolate cake, zebra cake, cakes with eggs, eggless cakes etc).

Banana Steamed Cake

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Powdered sugar and mix Ghee for five to six minutes Add Semolina, All-Purpose Flour, Gram Flour as well as Cardamom powder and create a dough.

Be balls that are small and also create a cut on a single side:

(top) of the toes.
Apply whole milk on it and place same dry fruit on it.
Place the toes on idli stand up as show in the video.
Put the idli stand up in pre heated pressure cooker as well as cover it with the lid. Let it bake for fourteen to eighteen minutes.
Check after ten mins whether the cakes in the low most level of idli stand are prepared, if sure then take them off and allow another level bake for another four to six minutes.This will stay away from the lower level cookies from switching over baked (red).
Eliminate all of the cookies after fourteen 18 mins (according to your gasoline flame speed). Enjoy, Happy Cooking.

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